The Chemnitz Kaßberg is a Wilhelminian quarter in which you can live in style in an urban atmosphere. Friends of tasteful living feel at home on the Chemnitz Kaßberg. The district impresses with its architecture and its proximity to the city center.
Once vaults for beer storage, construction began on the Kaßberg in 1855. The district quickly gained popularity as a residential area to the west. Today’s Kaßberg thus represents a quarter with pleasantly coherent buildings. Lovingly restored Wilhelminian style houses and Art Nouveau villas line the streets and meet today’s modern living standards.

The rental prices are still affordable. This is not only used by established service providers such as notaries, doctors or advertising agencies, but also by an increasing number of families. They appreciate the excellent infrastructure such as schools, shops for everyday needs and the surrounding dining facilities. The city center is within walking distance. Today the Kaßberg together with Schlosschemnitz is the top residential area of ​​Chemnitz.

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