Heinrich-Zille-Str. 5 in Altenburg

The house at Heinrich-Zille-Strasse 5 in Altenburg was built around 1893 in the Neo-Renaissance style as a residential and commercial building. Since then, only a few conversions or changes have taken place, both inside and outside.

The building represents an important and high-quality historic residential building in terms of urban planning, which has largely been preserved from the period of construction and is at the same time a relevant testimony to the upscale residential culture of the late 19th century in Altenburg.

The residential building was entered on July 8, 2021 by the Thuringian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archeology in the monument book of the city of Altenburg as an individual monument and thus meets the requirements of a cultural monument for artistic and urban planning reasons. The object is also part of the monument ensemble “1. Urban expansion of Altenburg from 1860″.

The renovation of the house is planned from summer 2022. 3 spacious 5-room apartments with balcony, a 4-room apartment with balcony and a 2-room apartment are to be built. A parking space is also provided for each residential unit.

Property area:498 m²
Total rental area:670,80 m²
Residential units:(between 33 and 171 m² of living space)
Parking spaces:5